El Pati


Exposició permanent
El Pati

One of the most noteworthy areas is the Museum’s patio. The solution adopted for its roof allows the entry of more natural light, illuminating the rooms that open up around it.

In 1991, the architect Jaume Mutlló i Pàmies completed the project to redesign the Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona. The building was made up of a series of rooms, making uniformity and access to the Museum difficult. The redesign project integrated these spaces and made them more diaphanous, creating the present distribution of the rooms.


Far from being an area of transit, the architect has conceived it as an area for reflection and contemplation. The fountain, the sound of the water, the verticality of its forms and the sculptures allow the visitor to access the upper floor and discover a small exhibition of works that form part of the museum’s collection.



Barcelona, 1945

Manel Margalef

Amposta, 1963

Francesc Anglès

Terrassa, 1938

Rufino Mesa

Valle de Santa Ana (Badajoz), 1948

Martí Royo

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1949 - Altafulla, 1997

Julio Antonio

Móra d'Ebre, 1889 - Madrid, 1919