Lluc Queralt. Spaces of introspection (Espais d’introspecció)


A portrait is always the result of a meeting: it works like a dialogue of complicities in which the final image is simultaneously the conclusion, synthesis and gaze. The photographer has to try and capture essential aspects of the model that speaks to them and their circumstances, and try to understand the situation, in order to transport it beyond the evidence.

The “Spaces of introspection” series by Lluc Queralt (Tarragona 1978) is an open project, still to be concluded and with some way to go, which completes a taxonomy of creators in his usual work locations. As well as exhibiting them to us independently, he presents a panorama that is both individual and collective. As well as seeing the subjects of his study separately, we can also infer that from this horizon a common landscape that takes us to a specific time and place, in this case the 2010s and 2020s in the context of Spanish visual arts, with the Catalan regions having a particular emphasis. The project begins in 2011 with a casual visit to the studio of the Tarragona painter Josep Maria Roselló which continues, spontaneously, with another visit to the studio of Josep Royo, responsible for the famous Miró tapestries. Later, by recommendation, he went to see Jean-Marie del Moral; and then, successively, one after the other, until completing the more than seventy effigies that exist now. This way of linking meetings and conversations, of linking some artists with other through recommendations, was at the same time a motivation and a natural way to create a series based on empathy.

Sema D’Acosta