Arxiu d'Exposicions

  • 01

    Àlbum Tosquelles. Un assaig visual de Carles Guerra

    Del 30 d’abril al 26 de juny de 2022

    Àlbum Tosquelles. Un assaig visual de Carles Guerra
  • 01

    Lluc Queralt. Spaces of introspection (Espais d’introspecció)

    From 22 April to 5 June 2022

  • 1Escultura

    Museum foyer

    Exposició permanent

    The Museum foyer welcomes us with two large sculptures: La Venus Española (Spanish Venus) by Julio Antonio and Dona (Woman) by Salvador Martorell.
  • 2Tèxtil

    Miró - Royo

    Exposició permanent

    On 27 September 1968, Joan Miró signed a drawing, a preliminary sketch in which he indicated the different parts that made up the Tapestry of Tarragona to be created by Josep Royo.
  • 3Escultura

    El Pati

    Exposició permanent

    One of the most noteworthy areas is the Museum’s patio. The solution adopted for its roof allows the entry of more natural light, illuminating the rooms that open up around it.
  • 4Escultura

    Bronze Nu

    Exposició permanent

    In 1968, the Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona was bequeathed a large part of the work of Julio Antonio (Móra d’Ebre–Madrid 1919).
  • 5Moving from the 19th to the 20th Century


    Exposició permanent

    Moving from the 19th to the 20th Century
  • 6Instal·lació

    La Capella - Tom Carr

    Exposició permanent

    Order and geometry are constant elements in his sculptural work; shapes such as the square, the triangle and the circle are present in highly varied forms, more or less fragile, all playing with the empty spaces, the air and the light that penetrate and encompass them.
  • 7From the Republic to democracy

    El Taller i l'Escola

    Permanent exhibition

    From the Republic to democracy
  • 8Contemporany Art


    Permanent exhibition

    The democratisation of the political system that permitted the internal artistic development and international interrelation, and the intense commercialisation of the artistic phenomenon, brought about a stark development in the 1980s in the plastic arts. Despite this, in the last decade of the century, enthusiasm declined, but not the work or the quality of the artists.