MAMT Photographic Archive

Sale and rental service for the photographs

History of the archive 

The first series of photographs to be included in the Photographic Archive is the collection that as commissioned by the Diputació de Tarragona in 1929 to the photographers Pere Català i Pic and Hermenegild Vallvé i Vilallonga to be presented at the International Exhibition of Barcelona the same year under the "Monuments of Spain" Section.

Later, series that had been presented at competitions organised by the Diputació in the 60s and 70s were recovered. From this moment on, the archive has grown through acquisitions and donations. In 1989, a collection of seventeen daguerreotypes and three hundred glass negatives were added in the form of a deposit.

Sale of photographic reproductions

The Museum offers a sale and rental service for the photographs of its collections, for study, research and publication purposes, at all times ensuring the lawful use of these images, in accordance with copyright law.

For more information, call (+34) 977 23 50 32, or send an e-mail to

Tax regulation no. 10.
Tax regulation for the private use of photographic material owned by the Tarragona Modern Art Museum.