Bustos de la raza

Sala d'exposicions dels Bustos de la raza

Busts of the Race

Busts of the Race form part of a sculptural series with which Julio Antonio aims to sculpt representatives of the people, anonymous men and women, considered fundamental to the race, adopting an approach that was commonplace among the majority of representatives of the Spanish literary movement known as the Generation of 98, in particular his friends, the writers Ramón Gómez de la Serna and Eugenio Noel.

Julio Antonio. Escultor

Julio Antonio. Sculptor

“Julio Antonio was naturally gifted young sculptor. I believe he was from Tarragona, and had the body of a Roman. He was a fortunate man: in life everything turned out well for him, and he abused his good fortune and conditions a little. Julio Antonio had a great talent for his profession and he was able to product magnificent busts with great expression.”

Història del Museu

Antiga Escola Taller d'Art

History of the Museum

The Museum of Modern Art was founded by the Diputació of Tarragona in order to promote the study and knowledge of modern and contemporary art, and also to conserve and display its artistic heritage and share them with the community. In order to achieve this aim, the Museum, equipped with an auxiliary library, a documentation centre and a photographic archive, was founded.


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