In order to meet the PECT objectives, a total of 11 operations have been proposed, grouped into four fields of action, which respond to the logic of intelligent specialisation.

Area 1: Technology push

It aims to develop research and technology in the tourism sector and its application in competitive and innovative products and services.

It encompasses the two operations that develop technologies in response to sector challenges: the TDS 2.0 operation and the TurisTIC Platform operation.

Area 2: Heritage

Its objective is the tourist enhancement of the cultural and historical heritage of the territory.

It encompasses the three operations that promote innovative management of tourism services and spaces linked to heritage: Operation Cultural Heritage, Operation Mammoth and Operation History Makes Tourism.

Area 3: Spaces

Its objective is the competitive and innovative improvement of spaces which are more family-focused.

It encompasses the two operations that promote two key areas of the destinations with potential for expansion and diversification: Operation Innovative Beach and Operation Family Vineyard.

Area 4: Innovation

Its objective is to make the innovative ecosystem around family tourism more dynamic.

It encompasses operations that are highly focused on promoting innovation in family tourism, tourist living and healthy eating linked to tourism: Operation Discovery Space, Operation Home Laboratory and Operation Healthy Eating.


There are 11 family tourism PECT TurisTIC operations: