El Taller i l'Escola. De la República a la Democràcia

The Studio and the School. From the Republic to Democracy. Catalan Regional Government Studio-School of Painting and Sculpture in Tarragona

With the proclamation of the 2nd Republic in 1931, the Catalan Regional Government constructed a major cultural project in the region. The creation of the Studio-School of Painting and Sculpture established a leading centre for the education of plastic arts in Tarragona.

Objectes personals i cartes de Julio Antonio

Vitrina amb cartes i objectes personals de Julio Antonio

Cabinet Julio Antonio’s personal objects and letters

In 1968, the Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona received the legacy of much of the work of the sculptor Julio Antonio (Móra d’Ebre, 1889 – Madrid, 1919), which also included numerous photographs, correspondence to his family and friends, and personal objects, such as his work overalls and the tools he used in the studio.