GONZALO LINDÍN. 1920 - 2020



He was born in Oviedo on 2 July 1920, but his roots lie fully in the Tarragona and Priorat regions. He started to paint alongside his teacher Ignasi Mallol when he enrolled at the "Government of Catalonia School of Art and Sculpture" at the age of fifteen. With him he discovered the landscape of the Priorat region, his main source of inspiration from the 70s, when he set up his studio.

A landmark moment in his career was his trip to Paris in 1955, where he came into contact with avant-garde artists. From this moment on, he gradually abandons figuration and the influence of Mallol in order to explore a very personal style which evolved until it reached a phase of full maturity known as "poetic abstraction".

He held several exhibitions, principally in Tarragona and Barcelona and was the winner of major awards, including two Tapiró medals (1946 and 1952), first prize for "Brasil" (Brazil) at the 3rd Hispanic-American Art Biennial in 1955 and the City of Barcelona painting award in 1973.
His expertise goes beyond painting, in particular his teaching work at the Diputació of Tarragona School of Art (1948-1985), as well as his involvement in groups of local artists aiming to offer the city artistic and intellectual innovation: Grup dels Dimecres (the Wednesday Group) (1952), Pere Johan (1959) and most importantly, Grup Tarragona (the Tarragona Group) (1970).  

He died at the age of 79, leaving a huge body of work and many happy memories among those who were his friends, colleagues and students.