Antoni Arola. Reflexions


Antoni Arola composes light
He writes notes with beams and flashes, describes lighting and luminescent rhythms and harmonies, making us dance to the sound of his gaze.

His career, spanning more than thirty years, has led him to become a designer, a creator of unorthodox lighting, a tireless and uncompromising artist, whose approach evolves without wavering, with each step and on each new journey, producing an advanced vision that dazzles and startles.

Light fittings, wall lamps, suspended lamps, illumination of cities, events and diverse spaces, his varied works and visual concepts in reality produce a sole nucleus: that of his essential and intimate kaleidoscope. Geometries of colour and light that revolve around his beginnings and which project towards the future with determination.

The vital force of Antoni Arola merges organically with his work: it is energetic, hedonistic, dilettante and disperse, tenacious and effective. His thoughts wander, while his ideas materialise and transcend.

Antoni Arola decomposes atmospheres
The paths and transitions of Antoni Arola are unexpected.  He searches his roots tirelessly, avoiding illusions. He devours the recesses of his memory, of his cultural imagery, of his life baggage and of his unrepentant transformations.

Today, his explorations converge upon Tarragona, his city of origin, or the origin of his journey. The Modern Art Museum is exhibiting "Reflexions" and, at the same time, certain models that were the initial sketches of each creation, which in this context acquire a natural and spontaneous artistic dimension.

Three years ago, the latest introspections of his creative thinking gave rise to the poetic approach of his current experimental position: "Reflexions". The reflections of the works narrate the sense, sensuality, evanescence and levity of light. It is a mutating piece that adapts to each context in a flexible and fluid manner. Barcelona, Shanghai and Mexico have been its global destinations to date.

The indomitable pulse of Antoni Arola decomposes atmospheres. It composes a new sensibility of the immaterial spirit of contemporary beauty, a light for the future.

Marisa Santamaría
Researcher, educator and curator of contemporary design